Conservation Asia 2018 will provide an excellent opportunity for early and mid-career professionals to attend workshops on relevant topics. The workshops will offer several opportunities for capacity building in specific sectors.

Please check back here in early February, as the workshops are still being developed. Workshop registration will be offered with conference registration on an elective basis.

Early registration will be encouraged as courses will have limited places, and some may be oversubscribed. Please note that workshop fees will not include accommodation.

We invite proposals by workshop trainers to run free or low-cost workshops for conference attendees. 

 Please contact Alice Hughes ( if you have any queries about the workshops.

Please submit your workshop proposals here

Deadline: 15 February 2018- Extended to 23 February 

Proposed Workshops(Dates will be confirmed later) Date Fees
Population Assessment and Distribution of elusive species CLICK HERE Koustubh Sharma 10 August Full day 50 USD
Bio monitoring tools and use for mapping spatial trends spatial trends in endangered species CLICK HERE Lindsay Porter 10 August Full day 110 USD
Optimising protection using the SMART Approach CLICK HERE Antony Lynam and Michiel Hotte 10-12 August 3 days 100 USD
Remote Sensing Perspectives for Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection and Climate Studies in Central Asia CLICK HERE Veraldo Liesenberg Will be confirmed 120 USD
Conservation Biology in Central Asia CLICK HERE Elena Kreuzberg; 10 August 3 Hours 25 USD
Facilitating Conservation Research and Practice through Collaboration with Faith-Based Communities CLICK HERE Jame Schaefer 10 August 90 minutes 25 USD
Spatial Ecology CLICK HERE Alice C. Hughes 10 August 5 days 95 USD
How to win a conservation campaign – communication and advocacy for wildlife CLICK HERE Neha Sinha 10 August Half day 25 USD
Communication and Advocacy for Conservation CLICK HERE Neha Sinha Will be confirmed 25 USD
Conservation story-telling with photography CLICK HERE Kalyan Varma Half Day 25 USD
Valuation of Ecosystem Services from the Protected Areas CLICK HERE Madhu Verma Full Day 50 USD
Harnessing the Power of Storytelling for Conservation CLICK HERE  Matthias Fiechter Half Day 25 USD

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For more details for the each workshop please contact workshop organizers.