Conservation Asia 2018 Call for Symposia

Conservation Asia 2018 is delighted to announce that it is now accepting proposals for symposium topics for the 2018 Conference to be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from August 6th – 10th 2018. The Conservation Asia 2018 Scientific Committee is now soliciting proposals for symposia. Symposia will include 5 speakers and be two hours in length, including 4 minutes for introductory remarks, 15 minutes per talk and 5 minutes for questions following each talk. We anticipate having up to 12 symposia.

Symposium Chairs Symposium Topics Submitors
Ahmet Uludag Invasive Alien Plants in Rangelands: Situation, Progresses, Challenges
Ahmet ULUDAĞ, Ph. D., Professor of Weed Science at Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey. He worked for European Environment Agency, which gained experience on science-policy connections.
Belinda Wright Illegal Trade in Big Cats in Asia: an update, from source to demand
Executive Director, Wildlife Protection Society of India
Bruno Laporte Effectice Conservation through Collective Action
Effectice Conservation through Collective Action
Buuvei Bayarbaatar Central Asian Ungulates and Health
Dr. Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar, Lead for Conservation Science, Wildlife Conservation Society, Mongolia Program, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Chunsheng Yao Free Flying Wings, Migratory Birds Protection in the Context of One Belt and One Road
Dr. ZHANG Li, Secretary-General, Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE) Foundation; Professor, School of Life Science, Beijing Normal University
Dale Miquelle Beyond the 6% Solution: Envisioning a future for Asia’s tigers
Wildlife Conservation Society
Elena Kreuzberg Conservation Biology in Central Asia
CEO, Holarctic Bridges PPT
Kendall Jones Proactive planning for effectice biodiversity conservation in Anthropocene
1School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland 4072, Australia
Kirk Olson Finding common ground across the rangelands of Central Asia and Tibet
Wildlife Conservation Society & Chair IUCN Temperate Grasslands Specialist Group.
Kodzue Kinoshita Microcosmic methods for snow leopard conservation: Innovations and challenges
Michael Brody Mainstreaming Conservation in China’s Belt & Road Initiative
Department of Environmental Science, American University, Washington DC USA
Marc Foggin An overview of climate change in Central Asia
Mimi Kessler The conservation of North Eurasia’s Bustards: Assessment and Action
Eurasian Bustard Alliance
Polina Orlinskiy Central Asian Mammals Initiative: connecting science, policy, and action
CMS Secretariat
Ranjini Murali Assimilated Knowledges: an integrated approach to conservation in snow leopard landscapes
Nature Conservation Foundation India
Tony Lynam Strengthening capacity for reducing illegal wildlife trade in Asia
(SCB Asia Section and Wildlife Conservation Society, Center for Global Conservation)
Vicky Wilkins Exploring collaborative solutions for the recovery of globally endangered fruit tree species in Asia
Fauna & Flora International
Important Dates Call for Symposia will be closed February 15th, 2018 EXTENDED to 23 February Successful Symposium Applications will be announced soon. Final decisions will be made by the Scientific Committee based on the criteria listed below.   Proposal Criteria The basic criteria for symposia include: 1.  The topic should be novel, timely, and interesting to a broad range of conservationists throughout Asia. 2.  The proposed list of speakers should represent a good balance between established and new investigators and have an equitable representation with regard to gender and under-represented groups. 3.  Symposia can, but need not, fall under the list of suggested Conservation Asia 2018 themes below:
    •          Recent developments in population ecology
    •          Community-based conservation (including human-wildlife conflicts, community engagements in conservation/community initiatives, and sustainable livelihoods)
    •          Urban biodiversity
    •          Ecosystem Financing & resource mobilization for conservation
    •          Conservation Education
    •          Ecosystem-based conservation
    •          Ecosystem monitoring through indicator species
    •          Citizen science
    •          Transboundary conservation
    •          Illegal wildlife trade & poaching
    •          Valuation of ecosystem services
    •          Communicating about conservation / engaging with media
    •          Conservation genetics
    •          Storytelling in conservation
    •          Traditional approach to conservation
    •          From conservation to policy
    •          Climate change adaptation
    •          Wildlife-friendly infrastructure development
    •          Ex-situ conservation & Reintroductions
    •          Ecotourism: Boon or Bane?
    •          Rangelands of Central Asia
    •          Wetland Conservation
    •          Mountain Ecology in Central and South Asia
    •          Restoration Ecology – forests, wetlands, etc.
    •          Technological Innovations in Conservation
    •          Global species-centric programs
  Proposal Content Please include the following information in your proposal: 1.       Name and affiliation of symposium Chair. 2.       The title and goal of the proposed symposium. Please specify the extent to which your symposium contributes to an innovative and/or integrative view to conservation efforts in Asia. 3.       The basic theme or area the symposium represents: if the proposed symposium falls under one of the above suggested Conservation Asia themes, please state it here. If it does not, please create a new theme. 4.       A list of the proposed speakers and a brief (1 sentence) statement of how their work fits into the topic of the symposium. 5.       A short (2-3 sentences) statement of how the symposium meets the criteria listed above. 6.       A statement as to which of the proposed speakers has agreed to participate.   Submission of Proposals Please submit your proposal by February 15, 2018, EXTENDED to 23 February at If you like to organize the entire Symposium please email to Please email us at for any questions with the subject line “Symposia”