Stretching from equatorial tropical jungles to the high Himalayas, from taiga forests to the deserts of the Middle East, Asia contains an incredible amount of the biological and cultural diversity on earth.  Its biodiversity is affected by a wide range of human impacts, often driven by a lack of understanding about the value of biodiversity and the threats faced by species and ecosystems.  This necessitates a broad spectrum of approaches to conservation. The SCB Asia Section brings together experts from many nations and disciplines to address biodiversity science and policy across the largest continent. 

The SCB Asia Section was officially launched during the 2003 SCB Annual Meeting in Duluth, Minnesota. Our geographic area ranges from the Middle East to the Far East, with members from Israel in the west to the Philippines in the east. Russia is also part of the Asian section due to its land areas in Asia, although it participates in the Europe Section as well.

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