308: Participatory Conservation of Latifi's Mountain Viper in Lar National Park, Iran 580: Living with Tigers 489: Hunters in the hunting lands: the status of snow leopards in non-protected regions of Kyrgyzstan 433: SCREENING OF STREPOMYCETES AS POTENTIAL ANTAGONISTS AGAINST ERWINIA AMYLOVORA FOR CONTROL OF FIRE BLIGHT 649: Occupancy Estimation and Habitat Selection of Red fox Vulpus vulpus, Stone marten Martes foina and Altai Mountain weasel Mustela altecia in Basha Valley, CKNP, Gilgit-Baltistan 404: Snow leopard genetics across High Asia 490: Distribution, morphological and genetic patterns of two soil mite species (Acari: Oribatida) from Southeast Asia 401: Patterns of livestock losses and people perceptions on snow leopards and Himalayan wolves in Central Himalayas, Nepal 132: Tigers conservation through a genetic lens 494: Towards greener Chennai- Sustainable urban greening strategy for a water deficit, cyclone prone expanding city 670: 'Management' as anathema to conservation: the case of two new water related Acts in India
130: Community-based conservation (including human-wildlife conflicts, community engagements in conservation/community initiatives, and sustainable livelihoods) 591: A study of people's perceptions of human-elephant conflict in villages around Kaziranga National Park in Northeast India 235: Antimicrobial Activity of Honeys from Kazakhstan, Central Asia 337: Effects of fire on lizards in forest habitats 689: Innovative use of ICTs and ‘citizen science’ can inform management of mountain ecosystems through community involvement in monitoring 266: Actual data for the state of the summer bat colonies in South-western Kyrgyzstan 475: Genetic Analysis of Snow Leopard Employing Next Generation Sequencing For Improved Conservation and Management 378: Extremophiles from unique ecosystems of Kazakhstan as potential producers of novel antibiotics 466: Assessing vulnerability of China's ungulates to droughts 501: Is wildlife making news? A case study of Indian Print News Media