Bishkek has a wide spectrum of affordable accommodations; from comfortable budget hotels to furnished service apartments and hostels, anyone can feel comfortable here without a large travel budget. Most international booking services such as and  offer accommodations from $10 -$40  in the city. 

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Please find list of hotels and hostels available in Bishkek. 

                                                                                  5***** Hotels
Hyatt Regency discountSingle $150 Double $180
Jannat Regency % discountSingle $162 Double $189
Orion Hotel discountSingle $120 Double $170
                                                                                4**** Hotels
Ambassador Hotel us previous discount 98$ than 120$ (18% dis)Single $98 Double $112
Ak-Keme Hotel to be determined 
                                                                                  3*** Hotels
Baikhan Hotel discountSingle $45 Double $63
Club Hotel discountSingle $40 Double $56
Silk way Hostel discountSingle $56 Double $70
Touristan discountSingle $47 Double $59
Interhouse city center discountFrom $15
Compass Hostel discount$13.5
Central Hostel place in any rooms(double,twin,2 beds,4, beds etc.) for 870 som (~13$)$13
My hostel closes hostel to AUCA gives 10%From $8
Centre Hostel From $9
                                                                                   Auca Dormitory
     Please note upon Arrival you will have to make a deposit of 50 USD
  1. Fire security: No smoking, open fire in the dorm or cooking in the rooms.
  2. Curfew: we ask everyone to be back to the dorm by 00:00. If it is not possible, residents should inform RAs beforehand.
  3. Silent hours: 11 pm - 6 am
  4. The Dorm should be kept clean (rooms and common zones). Any damage to the Dorm property will be fined. 
  5. If something is needed, they need to inform RAs and administrator
  6. Please read full terms and regulations here 

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 We can collect your payment ONSITE! We only Accept VISA Cards! 

Deposit can be made by CASH! 

 For more information about AUCA Dormitory Facilities please contact